About Us

freeddls.com is a file-sharing site where members could share links to software, more commonly known as freeware. These software tools may be trial versions, pre-release or software sent out for testing and feedback gathering. Here you can find a ton of free software which you can use for your personal projects, without worrying about licensing fees and royalties.

The main reason why this site was put up is to allow people who can’t afford to buy proprietary software, but are knowledgeable enough to work their way and go into the guts of their system and to tinker around with the core files. We know, this may sound a lot like “geek speak”, but it doesn’t take an expert in order to work your way around a problem. All you really need is a solid understanding of the requirements you are having and how to meet those.

The originators of this site started sharing files when they were senior Computer Science students at Cambridge and needed a way to share files between team members collaborating on a project. The utility was later on improved to allow more customizations and allow remote users to work on a file simultaneously. From then on, it has been put in an online web server and readily accessible to anyone who needs it.

Today, there are close to a million free software utilities stored in our database, and all are free to use and download by anyone who visits our site. The way we look at it is not as a money making enterprise, but rather as a way to help people work well without restrictions. We support our site by letting advertisers pay for ad space, and these pay for our servers and hosting. Of course, there are people who come and donate an amount they wish. Most of those are people who once came to us for free software. They are under no obligation to donate to us, but they do it out of their own free will.