As a way to encourage more participation from the young readers of this blog, freeddls has decided to offer a summer bootcamp for anyone interested in application development using the latest free software built in-house by our very own development team.  During the said camp, trainees will be exposed to all aspects of system development, and basically show the students all the moving parts and components to make a web engine running.

The bootcamp is not limited to web apps only, as other utilitarian apps will be shared, discussed and dissected during the week-long event. Pre-registration is on-going, and people can still register until the end of the week. Most of the participants are young people as students and out-of-school youth who are eager to learn something useful in the real world were given priority during the sign up period.

The said bootcamp is free to all qualified students. The people involved in this event,particularly, have pledged to share their time and their knowledge free of charge, as a way of giving back to the community and paying it forward to the future app developers. Many of the participants are homeless indigents, who will also be given free allowance and a place to stay throughout the training week. CEO Mike Stanwick, in an interview with CNN¬†told reporters that they are extending the proverbial olive branch to people who would normally be castrated from modern society. “This is their ticket back to normalcy,” quips Stanwick. “A lot of these students have lived unfortunate lives dealing with drugs and other nuances of unsupervised youth. They should use this opportunity to get their acts straight. For some, this could be their last chance at redemption.”