Gnu is a free Operating System (OS) which is being distributed and fully supported by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It has been in circulation since the late 1990s and the early part of 2000, and is growing steadily in users and installations. The leadership of both and have decided to come up with an awareness drive regarding the conservation of trees, via conservation and proper recycling of paper and other tree derivatives.

The Cleanup-For-A-Cause will be held on the last Saturday before Labor Day weekend, at the People’s Park in Anaheim, which is very close to the freeddls headquarters. The purpose of this activity is to raise the public awareness on issues concerning the environment, which is slowly deteriorating in stature, signalling the beginning of the dreaded climate change.

Apart from the cleanup drive, the 2 major groups involved have pledged to donate $10,000 each to help communities living near the area concerned. This will drum up publicity and make the nearby communities aware and make a more conscious effort in helping out in maintaining the cleanliness of the communities. Freeddls will be represented by the CEO and his core staff, while will send their own party to represent their group.

This is the first time that both groups collaborate on a project, but both groups hope this won’t be the last. Both teams share the same vision of helping out in the community in whatever way they can. Like-minded groups tend to work well together, and such is true in this case.