A new set of software series will be released to the online stream starting midnight on July 4th. This announcement was made today by the head of Communications at freeddls.com. This addition will bring the total inventory in the database close to the 1 million mark, a milestone reached in a short period of time. This goes to show how popular our site sharing software has become. All this done mostly through word-of-mouth referrals.

The software release comes after a long period when no new programs were added to the system. For regular visitors of the site, this is welcome news and has been long awaited. The owners of the site plan to make the upload process a regularly occurring activity to instill more predictability to the content. This will further increase the number of visitors to the site, possibly doubling the volume from the previous month’s numbers.

Freeddls does not guarantee that these software programs will work for everyone, although most of the software are tested for usability and compatibility by the in-house review team of experts. Despite this, there have been no complaints received in the past regarding failed installations or buggy software downloaded. If any bugs are found, they are relayed to the contributor of the freeware, and they have enough time to correct the errors before re-submitting their software to our test team.

This project is supported by like-minded organizations, like the Free Software Foundation who have been advocating free software for everyone as early as 1985. Many other groups and individuals have expressed their own support by donating to our cause, or spreading the word about us to their friends, family and workmates.