is proud to announce the release of its latest Version Control Software with the codename: Versy. The name of the program was strongly debated and deliberated in the online forums and bulletin boards where freeddls staff are regular members and contributors. Like any good version control application, Versy is always free to use, modify and distribute. As with most shareware, people who download such software must also share their modifications and improvements on the core files to the general public.

Versy is highly touted as a version control software with future enhancements considered from the onset. It is totally scalable to any granularity depending on the need of the user and the organization using it. A lot of successful predecessors followed the same time tested principles when they thought of starting out a new branch. Versy, as it happens, is a result or by-product of such a “branching” operation.

Initial tests showed a very promising future for the new software offering, and already having a strong following as many users have already signed up to be beta testers. When new software is being rolled out, a “test” run is held to measure how warmly (or coldly) the general public will react to it. If this is any indication of how well received the software is in its infancy stage.

Overall, staff are satisfied with the product they came up with. These are the types of projects which help encourage people to share more of their work in order to help other users in the community.